Templated Examples

Example A. For the ‘Management and Leadership Award’

Management and Leadership: to recognise a female leader, in either the private or public sector, who has shown strong principles, courage, dedication and who has a clear vision of their future development.

2. A complete biography of the candidate
Mrs M is the current Chief Executive Officer of Lumsdens, a UK-wide motor insurance
company. Mrs M started as a clerk with Lumsdens in 1998, undertook a part-time Business
degree with the Open University (2004), gained the ACA (from ICAEW) accountancy
qualification in 2007 and became the company CEO this year.

3. Full details of the candidate, describing their achievements, giving details of their
future plans, and the reasons why the candidate should be considered for the award
The recent appointment of Mrs M as the CEO of Lumsdens, a nationally-recognised insurance company, is perhaps the culmination of her very successful career. From her start in the company in 1998, straight from doing A-levels at Cardiff High School, Mrs M has steadily risen through the various departments at Lumsdens to finally become its youngest CEO earlier this year. Along the way, Mrs M very successfully gained a First Class Honours degree in Business Studies from the Open University in 2004, and also gained a full accountancy qualification (ACA from ICAEW) in 2007. In Lumsdens, her management expertise first saw fruition when she was appointed to oversee the personnel department in the Cardiff office and then subsequently, in 2007, became the Human Resource Manager for the entire company.

Having started at the ‘bottom’ in business, when came in as lowly office clerk, Mrs M has
always been aware of the requirement to carefully support and nurture the needs of the
younger members of the company. To this end, and almost single-handedly, she established an ‘on-the-job’ training scheme in 2004, that has since become an established and very successful component of the company’s overall career training plan. Indeed, many of Lumsden’s past-trainees have gone on to top management positions, both within the company and with other national and international companies.

Mrs M was appointed as the national General Manager at Lumsdens in 2009 and has since
undertaken a complete reassessment of the overall insurance coverage being offered by the company. Following this company-wide analysis, Mrs M identified a number of insurance areas that were either inadequately supported by the company, or were not cost-effective, and has since successfully overseen the necessary amendments to the business. Her outstanding achievements and successes with the company were then fully recognised earlier this year when she was appointed as their Chief Executive Officer, one of the youngest Asian women to hold such a prestigious position in a national company. She has not finished yet, as she now has ideas on how to further expand the areas of insurance offered by the company, with the plan being to improve the company’s profit margins from some £1.5 million to at least £3 million in the next five years.

It is quite evident that Mrs M is a prime example of an Welsh Asian women who has made a fantastic success not only of her career, but also in her life, having successfully raised a family of four children, all of whom are in full-time education here in Cardiff. Her achievements speak for themselves, and she has also shown her exemplary leadership skills in making her company, not only a success locally but also nationally.

Example B. For the ‘Small Business Award’

Small business: to recognise a woman managing small privately-owned businesses with a small number of employees [less than 20], and with an annual turnover of less than

2. A complete biography of the candidate
Mrs H is the owner and general manager of the Big Stamps stationary company. Mrs H
set-up the company in her home in 2008 and has since expanded into her present commercial premises and now has 6 employees. The Big Stamps had a £180,000 financial turnover for 2010.

3. Full details of the candidate, describing their achievements, giving details of their
future plans, and the reasons why the candidate should be considered for the award.
Mrs H first started what was to become the Big Stamps stationary company from her own
front room in Pontardawe in 2008. She had recognised that many Asian women, and their
families, needed ready access basic stationary after her local store and Post Office closed
down in 2007. Mrs H first set-up the fledgling business in her own home and as it became
more popular, she initially involved her husband and daughter, but then recognising the need for a more commercial enterprise, first leased a shop in Pontardawe and subsequently
purchased a second, larger premises in Neath. The Big Stamps company now has 6 full-time and 4 part-time employees, and last year reached an annual pre-tax turnover of £180,000. Mrs H now has a 5-year plan to expand the business to achieve a £200,000 turnover in the next 12 months, and a £250,000 turnover by 2015. This will also necessitate increasing the staff number to some 12-15 employees.

What is impressive is that Mrs H, although lacking any prior business experience, has
established a very successful stationary company completely through her own hard work
and self-direction. This business, from small local beginnings, has expanded into several
premises and now employs some 10 full and part-time staff, of whom several are local
Asian women. Mrs H is certainly a prime example of the type of Welsh Asian women who
should be publically recognised by receiving the WAWAA Small Business Award.