This award scheme aims to empower women and girls of ethic-minority origin and to promote their representation in every walk of Welsh life. Our awardees will also act as successful role models within their individual communities. The awards will aim to recognise those women who have made a significant difference to Wales and made an effective use of their talents to help inspire others around them.

Proceeds from all the awards ceremonies were donated to Cancer Research Wales.

Awards Categories:

► Business: to recognise a woman managing a successful business.

► Management and leadership: to recognise a female leader, within either the private or public sector, who has shown strong principles, courage, dedication and with a clear vision of future development.

Science, technology and healthcare: to recognise a woman who has made significant contributions within the field of science, healthcare and technology, whether in industry, academia or the public sector. Entrants will be given the opportunity to demonstrate how their activities have benefited their respective fields and also how this has provided a significant benefit to Welsh life.

Arts, Culture and Sports: to acknowledge women whose work has been recognised in the field of art and design. This may include all aspects of commercial and academic art and design. It also includes women who have contributed to cultural development and Sports.

Social and humanitarian: to recognise a woman who has significantly improved or enriched the lives of others, or generally helped society as a whole, or helped facilitate the integration of different cultures through their charitable and community-based endeavours.

Self development: it demonstrates an individual who has overcome significant social, economic and personal barriers and has shown firm determination.

Young Achiever Award: to recognise the outstanding contributions of a young woman between the ages of 16 to 23 years in an discipline.

Violence Against Women Agenda: Woman who has made an outstanding contribution to the violence against women agenda.

Lifetime Achievement Award: A woman with outstanding achievements in any field.